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Our school is virtual.
Your child’s success is real.

National Connections Academy is an accredited, afforable online private
school for students in grades K–12 everywhere. While National Connections
Academy is a virtual school, it has a very real and thriving community of
students, parents and teachers who share learning experiences, extracurricular
activities and fun.
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Customized Instruction

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Individual attention is fundamental to our approach. By customizing each student’s learning program to his or her unique abilities, National Connections Academy offers the ideal opportunity for students to excel.

Students benefit from our expertise as a leader in virtual education, enjoying our engaging and interactive online classroom technology.

Our system allows truly personalized instruction tailored to the needs, learning style, and interests of each student. Led by talented, qualified teachers, enhanced by our leading curriculum, and reinforced by attentive support from parents as Learning Coaches, National Connections Academy offers a proven, superior program that helps kids thrive.

Exceptional Teaching

We strive to hire only the finest teachers—those who are most knowledgeable in their academic areas, who are qualified experts in online instruction, and who are passionate about helping each student fulfill his or her potential.

As in a traditional school, our teachers handle instruction, testing, and grading. But more importantly, students, teachers, and Learning Coaches are all partners in our Personalized Performance Learning® approach. Together we develop an instruction plan tailored to each student’s academic abilities. We adjust the program and goals as needed to ensure the student is learning and growing at National Connections Academy, monitoring that plan and the student’s progress throughout the school year.

Parents and students choose National Connections Academy for many different reasons, but what they share is a desire for the best possible learning experience.

Semester tuition starts at just $2,364 with monthly payment plans available.

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