Parents Bust the Top 5 Virtual School Myths

Parents Bust the Top 5 Virtual School Myths

Many virtual school parents were eager to explain how their families have busted pervasive virtual school myths. They discussed the amount of teacher support they’ve received and the quality of the curriculum. But most of all, parents raved about how much their children socialize in virtual school. 

Check out the virtual school testimonials below to learn more.

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Myth #1: I won’t be involved in my child’s education if he or she attends virtual school at home.

Truth: State-certified teachers are responsible for teaching the students, while parents become Learning Coaches to help their children. Parents appreciate the support offered by teachers, as well as the flexibility of the program.

“As the Learning Coach, you are a guide. You provide the learning environment and help when you can, but if there is a question you cannot answer, the teacher is just a phone call or WebMail or LiveLesson® away.” —Lisa Fratini

“You are not alone: utilize the teachers. My daughter was in the sixth grade when we started Connections Academy. At first, we did not utilize the teachers and quickly became overwhelmed. I finally called our math teacher, almost in tears. She explained that my job was Learning Coach—and she was the teacher. Now, we automatically call when we do not understand something or have a problem.” —Pam Faucett

“One of the greatest parts about [virtual school] is it can be done at any time and in almost any place.” —Ashley Hawryshko

Myth #2: My child won’t have as much teacher interaction and support in virtual school.

Truth: Virtual school teachers are easy to contact and regularly offer their help. In fact, two of the parents below emphasize the amount of individualized support their children receive.

“My son has more one-on-one time with his teachers than he ever had in brick-and-mortar schools.” —Kristen Stone

“Connections Academy has a wonderful and caring staff that go above and beyond their teaching duties.” —Debbie Allem

“My student has a wonderful teacher whom she sees and talks to every morning in LiveLesson® sessions, and [her teacher] calls once a week to give updates and to answer any questions.” —Ashley Hawryshko

Myth #3: My child won’t have many opportunities to socialize if he or she attends virtual school.

Truth: Virtual school students can socialize with friends in a variety of ways. Students can socialize by participating in LiveLesson® sessions, field trips, clubs, and community organizations. Below, some of the parents share how their children avoided negative social experiences—including bullying—by switching to virtual school.

“Our daughter has been very social since coming to Connections Academy. She loves to volunteer for field trips to take part in anything they offer. She also has made many new friends who, along with their parents, have become lifelong friends. She can work independently and excels in all courses.” —Debbie Allem

“My fifth-grade daughter stays social with the swim classes at the local rec center. She also has a pen pal through the Connections Academy clubs. The other Connections Academy clubs, such as Chess Club, Movie Club, and Music Club, let her interact with other students. Church and family help maintain social balance as well. As far as her Connections Academy peers go, she’s able to interact with them on field trips. This is especially important so that the kids can connect to each other both in the classroom LiveLesson® sessions and in life. She’s never been happier than she is now, all thanks to Connections Academy!” —Leigh Warren

“We love being able to go on field trips with the school and on our own. My students get to socialize with kids of all ages while learning and having fun.” —Amber Guillet

“All six of my kids are very social when learning online. They have so many friends that I can’t even count them on my fingers.” —Tammy Jackson

Myth #4: Virtual school isn’t as academically challenging as brick-and-mortar school.

Truth: Virtual schools follow the state curriculum, and students learn at their own pace and level of difficulty. Online Gifted and Talented and Honors courses are offered to students of all ages, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available for high school students who want to prepare for college. See what stands out the most to Connections Academy parents.

“Virtual school is not an easy way out. It is challenging, fun, and innovative, and my ninth grader is learning way more than he ever did in [brick-and-mortar] public school, with a lot less drama in his life.”—Christine Herring

“Connections Academy follows the state curriculum, and my student has not only blossomed but also skyrocketed academically because she can work at her own pace and have one-on-one help from her teacher or her Learning Coaches.” —Ashley Hawryshko

“Virtual school is agood option for any child who wants to work hard and at his or her own pace. The experience can be as challenging, social, and productive as you want it to be.” —Rashmi Kapoor

Myth #5: My child would spend all day on the computer if he or she went to a virtual school.

Truth: Using the computer is just one part of pursuing a virtual school curriculum. Children spend a lot of time learning hands-on in virtual school, as these parent testimonials show.

“My student spends only about an hour online for school, and the rest is done offline and with books.” —Ashley Hawryshko

“There are always things to do and ways to work together! Virtual school isn’t sitting in a classroom behind a desk. It is getting your hands dirty with lab experiments and discovering new ways to make art! It is days of getting lost in cornfields and taking a trip to the zoo because you have the ability to bring the curriculum to life! No two days are alike.” —Angela Mitchell

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