How to Create an Organized Home Classroom in a Limited Space

If you are new to online schooling, the integration of a classroom into your home may seem like a daunting task. It can even be more challenging if you don't have a lot of space to dedicate as your student's homeschool area. 

Below, we provide a few simple and imaginative suggestions to get you started with creating an organized and inspiring home classroom within your limited space.

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Think Outside The Box

as you look to designate a learning space that your student can associate with productive study habits.

Your student's learning area can really be learning areas.

What about spreading out to small areas in a few rooms? You can set up the computer in one room and a desk in another. This minimizes the space you need to dedicate in any one room, and the change in scenery will help refresh your student during long periods of study.

The learning area doesn't even have to be a “room.”

What about turning a closet into your student's working space area? A spare closet makes for a great all-in-one desk and organization solution. Get some plywood and 2x4's, attach them securely to your closet walls, and you have a desk. By adding more shelving above the desk, your student's textbooks, learning materials, and other school supplies are within immediate reach. Close the closet doors and school disappears from view.

Be Creative

as you build and organize your student's learning space.

Build your own desk to fit any space.

Two filing cabinets with plywood or another strong flat surface across the top creates a simple desk solution. The filing cabinets provide organized storage for files, papers, books, and supplies. Make it a fun DIY project with your student by painting and decorating his or her new desk!

Find extra storage for supplies that aren't being used all day.

A hall closet can be a great storage option. By installing inexpensive wire shelving from top to bottom in the closet you'll be able to neatly store school supplies and put away learning materials your student uses throughout the school day.

Turn an unused kitchen cabinet into storage.

A cabinet in your kitchen that isn't full or utilized often can easily store those additional school supplies. For extra organization, pick up plastic storage bins, fill them neatly with supplies, label them, and store them in the cabinet.

Use a Murphy desk.

These ingenious desks are just like the beds—they fold out when you need them and virtually disappear into the wall when you don't. You can purchase a Murphy desk or build your own with supplies from your local home improvement store.

Use the backs of doors to create educational tools and storage.

Attach a dry erase board to the top half and paint the bottom with magnetic paint to turn it into an instructional area and a place to display great work. Or on the very top of the door, attach a roller shade and then apply maps, the alphabet, etc. For extra storage, hang a 24-pocket over-the-door shoe organizer and store supplies in each pocket. (Tip: A clear one makes it easier for you and your student to see what's in each pocket.)

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